Statement Analyzer

Upload your statements and understand the fees. If you have consignment clients, this is the perfect tool for you.

Understand Your Fees
No More Surprises.

A detailed output for the power seller.

Simply upload your statement transactions and our tool will provide you a beautiful reporting tool. Understand monthly storage fees, what was the most profitable item, what items made you lose profit, and more.

Take care of your bottom line with ease.
Make changes in your business that matter.

Statement Analyzer Know Your Fees Book Seller Academy

If you know how your business is performing, you're ahead of the game.

Understand how your payouts work.
You no longer have to second guess how your business is performing.

Track your consignments Book Seller Academy

Filter Consignment Sales

Use our Smart Search to Filter SKUs

Instantly Identify the Totals for your consigment clients. Pay your clients with confidence.

Our filter system will automatically give you the totals and fees associated to any sku you decided to filter.

Track Refunds
Verify Reimbursements

Never lose a dollar again.

Keep a tight ship by verifying that refunds and reimbursements are the true values. Open cases with confidence, get the money that you are owed.

Catch the mistakes that your statement may have.
Open case tickets to dispute.

Analyze Refunds and Reimbursements Book Seller Academy

Reading statements is no longer a chore. Defend every dollar.

A powerful tool for any Amazon Seller.

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