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Find out which items are better to list MF (Merchant Fulfilled) or FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).

Scout with your Voice

Introducing Audio Scout for Amazon Alexa


The Ultimate Amazon Tool for Sellers

We have a unique approach to optimizing your workflow and understanding your Amazon business. Our tool suite has multiple areas to help you list FBA items quickly, understand your payouts as an accounting professional, and reprice your inventory with real-time market data. Sign up now to experience this new arsenal of efficiency and workflow bliss.

We are Amazon Sellers just like you and use these tools in our operations.

Custom Built

These custom built tools are used everyday in our operations. These are the very same tools that you can utilize to help and improve business.

We couldn't keep it to ourselves. If we're succeeding, you should too.

Latest Technology

We are updating the tech daily as the market changes. Our promise is to use the most reliable data sources and Amazon APIs to your advantage.

To innovate is our passion. We want the rest of the world to share our experience.

Stellar Support

We'll guide you every step of the way in case you get stuck. As a bonus, expect additional tips and tricks. They are embedded everywhere in the software.

We are really just a click away. Shoot us an email, we'll be happy to respond.


Developed for Book Sellers and it's not just for Books.

We have added one-of-kind features to improve your listing workflow. Scannable barcodes can be used to control condition notes, change boxes for box content. We utilize Amazon Seller best practices to bulk upload listings, create FNSKU Labels, and TSV files for box content.

As an added bonus, view the value of your books as a final price check as you list your items.

It's Really Feature Rich

And we keep adding more!

Inventory Management
Great for Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Sellers and Ebay Sellers. Quickly find inventory using our smart search just by typing in a few letters of the product name.
Rank Chart
Easy to use rank chart to review the percentile of a product category.
Box Content
Instantly create TSV files for multiple box shipments. Audio cue warnings as you scan so you don't go over 50 pounds per box.

Forecast Price Changes
Stay Ahead of the Market

Utilize our Price and Rank Tracking Tool
for real-time, competitive pricing to determine the right price and win the Buy Box.


Label your books with FNSKUs All in Order

Speed up your workflow. We support 30 ups and most label printers. Scan your books in order and label in order.

Create shipping plans, verify box contents, in one smart workflow.

Creating a system allows your business to scale. Using software to improve your workflow is a system. Do things that scale your business.

-Book Seller Academy

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