List Your FBM Items With Speed

Limited Time Only. A free tool to list your FBM items with a simple scan of a barcode. Amazon Professional Seller Account Required.

Easy to Use
List Merchant Fulfilled Instantly

Just Scan the Barcode

Pair your bluetooth scanner with your computer or use a tethered USB scanner. As you scan quickly see an overview of data in regards to your book. Always know the current value of your item.

List in batches and streamline your process
Define custom condition notes, set your prices and more.

List your FBM items for Free at Book Seller Academy

List in batches by condition, price in a fast workflow.

Limited Time Only
Perfect for Merchant Fulfilled Sellers that want to speed up their game.

FBM Inventory Management Book Seller Academy

Know Where Your Inventory Is Located

Inventory Management

Location of your inventory is embedded within the custom SKU. Know the location of your item as it sells, pick, pack and ship. Smart search inventory manager is also available for those hard to find items.

Every item you list is recorded into the Inventory Management System.

A Snapshot of How Much Your Book is Worth.

View market prices instantly

As you list your books, you have the ability to view current market prices. With a single click instantly match the current market price so you can rest assure that your item is competitive.

Market prices are based off of Amazon API Data
Beat your competitors and price accordingly.

Price as you go while you list Book Seller Academy

Speed up your listing process and spend more time sourcing.

This is a limited time free service provided by Book Seller Academy

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