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List Items Fast for Amazon FBA

It's a game changer, a new experience.

The next generation of listing items quickly for Amazon Sellers. We have spent 3 years working late into the evening. Prepping, listing, and shipping thousands of products. Along the way, we researched and tested hundreds of micro-variations to improve operations. After documenting the results and making adjustments this was the birth of our listing utility.

Try listing with our software today. Experience a new level of efficiency.

It's Web Based. No software installation needed.

All you need is your favorite web browser and an internet connection and you're ready to list.

Run the tool on multiple computers, or if you're on the road, list on the go!

Listing Tool

19 USD

per month

Billed month to month

  • Scan and Upload Items

  • Custom Condition Notes

  • Print FNSKU Labels

  • Create Shipment Plans

  • Price Charts

  • Audio Cues

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Great Value
For Everything You Need to Quickly List

Audio Cues
"Scanning for Box 1" or "Changed Condition Note" with a scan of barcode.
View Rank and Selling Price
Embedded Rank chart and price view to make sure you're not listing a dud.
Create/Update Shipping Plans
Create or add to shipping plans of what you just scanned.

Speed up your listing process and spend more time sourcing.

Cancel anytime. Or make suggestions to improve it so you can stay.

Visual Representation

Quickly reference and verify items while listing. View cover art, title, rank, pricing data and sales velocity all in one place.

Eliminate the "duds". It happens.

Screen Free Listing

Audio cues and printable barcode controls enable you to list, change condition notes, and control box content without touching the computer.

That means you can list as fast as you scan.

Outstanding Support

Reach out anytime and we'll guide you step by step if you get stuck. We welcome all suggestions and feedback.

Look out for updates. We make improvements all the time.

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