Analyze your Fees and More

Wait, I'm only making how much profit?

Dispose your books like a pro

Sometimes it's hard to see all your inventory from a FBA Fees perspective. Our tool can easily read your reports where you can make better decisions on what to do with stale inventory that's not making any profit.

It's super easy, just download the Monthly Fee report and upload.

Filter and Sort, Take Action

Sort by the books that are barely making you any profit and make decisions to dispose. Filter keywords in your skus to find the value of your items.

These are must have analytic tools for your business.

Sort By Sku

Filter by consignments with ease by filtering only items that you have identified in your sku.

Sort By Profit

Identify lowest profit and highest profit margins on your items.

Sort By Fees

Identify all the items that have large fees. Get insight on your sourcing habits.

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