The very first Audio Scouting software for Amazon Alexa

"It's not that we should, but if we could, so we did.."

Find out the value of your books by using your voice.

Get used buy box information, and find out how much Amazon is selling the product for.

Information provided by MWS Amazon API.

A Perfect

Great for book sellers that sell on Amazon when you just need information by saying the ISBN.

Just say, "Alexa, ask Audio Scout to find "then your ISBN" number.

Audio Scout


per month

Yeup, it's free to use

  • Search by ISBNs

  • Search by UPCs

  • Get the Used Buy Box

  • Get the New Buy Box

  • Check if Amazon is Selling

Enable the Skill What are you waiting for?

This product is Free to use.
You just need a Amazon Echo Device

How much?
We made it free for you to use.

Get Buy Box Prices
Find what the current Buy Box price is for the item.
Get the Rank
Find out where it stands in Amazon's ranking system.
Is Amazon Selling?
Find out what Amazon is selling the item for.

This is only the beginning...

We will continue to develop the product
as long as there is an interest. This was just too much fun to build.

Pure Development Fun

We plan on upgrading the skill on a monthly basis, come back for more features.

Let us know what you want, and we will build it.

Book Seller Approved

It's an app that you must have in your operations. Just call out the ISBN!

Again, we just had to build it.

Prepping for Echo Auto

Echo auto is in the pipeline. Imagine gettting the value while in your car.

Echo Auto expected to release soon.

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